Annual Ski Swap

The High Mountain Sports
Annual Autumn Glory
Ski & Snowboard Swap

Join us for our 30th Annual Ski Swap
October 11th to 13th, 2019

  • Accepting equipment beginning October 5th at 9am. 


Sell your gear and get 100% Store Credit for better gear!

How it works

  • Bring in your old toys and our staff will help you price them (skis, snowboards, boots, xc gear, kayaks, wakeboards and water skis)
  • Swap starts Friday at 9am and runs through Sunday at 6pm. The earlier you get your goodies here the better chance we have of selling them (mo $$ for you)
  • No consignment items will be accepted after 3pm Saturday
  • If you are buying, keep stopping by.
  • All unsold items must be picked up by Sunday between 3pm and 6pm
  • Equipment must meet Industry Standards, be worth at least $20, no straight skis, no poles or clothing
  • We will NOT be accepting helmets for safety reasons

How do I get my money once my gear is sold?

  • Store Credit - You get 100% of your money if you take store credit
  • Check - If you prefer cash we can mail you your money in the form of a check, but we take 20% if you choose this route

Can I donate it to Charity if it does not sell?

Absolutely.  We will find a home for useable gear.  Last year we took some of the skis and made wine racks and such to sell.  We then donated the proceeds to Garrett Trails, a local non-profit.  The rest of it we found a local charity to take.