Arbor Street Whiskey 8.25 Up Cycle Complete Skateboard

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Arbor Street Whiskey 8.25 Up Cycle Complete Skateboard

Pick up the pre-assembled Whiskey Up-cycle 8.25" skateboard complete from Arbor and head straight to the steepest hill or biggest ramp! This complete Arbor board comes with notoriously stable Ace trucks, 54mm 90A Arbor wheels, and exceptionally fast abec 7 bearings, perfect for any hill bomb or vert session. The deck's graphic features a light blue colorway with a torn-up beer can and fishing lures hanging out of the sides.

Product Details:

  • Whiskey Upcyle 8.25" Skateboard Complete from Arbor.
  • Classic popsicle shape deck with wide kick tails and a more aggressive tail than nose.
  • Resin-7 hard rock maple construction.
  • 143mm Ace trucks.
  • Black grip tape applied to the deck.
  • Arbor 54mm 90a wheels.
  • Arbor Abec 7 bearings.
  • Width: 8.25".
  • Length: 32".
  • Wheelbase: 14.25".
  • Comes completely pre-assembled and ready to shred right out of the box.
  • Graphics and stains may vary slightly from the image.