Atomic Women's Vantage 75 C w/ Lithium 10 Binding 2020

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Atomic Vantage 75 C w/ Lithium 10 Binding 2020

The Atomic Vantage 75 C is Atomic's confidence-boosting all-mountain system ski. It’s part of the lightweight Vantage X range, built for skiers who ski mainly on piste giving them the power of a piste ski and the agility of an all-mountain ski in one. Carbon Tank Mesh is a layer of rigid woven mesh that adds strength across the ski while actually reducing weight. It also has our Exo Profile a radical 3D profile that further cuts swing weight and adds rigidity. This is a ski any novice to intermediate skier can walk into the shop and be happy to walk away with the thinner 75mm waist is ideal for harder snow, offering plenty of edge control in icy conditions. Groomers, here we come.

  • Exo Profile
  • Carbon Tank Mesh
  • Light Woodcore
  • Densolite Core
  • Cap Sidewall
  • Structured Topsheet
  • All Mountain Rocker 15/85/0
Ability Beginner / Advanced
Length 149 117.5_75_100.5, 12.2
Length 156 119_75_102, 13
Length 163 120.5_75_103.5, 13.8
Length 170 122_75_105, 14.6
Length 177 123.5_75_106.5, 15.4
Binding Lithium 10