Hyperlite Girl's Toddler Indy Neoprene Vest 2022

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Hyperlite Girl's Toddler Indy Neoprene Vest 2022


 The Hyperlite Indy Infant Neoprene Life Vest is Coast Guard Approved with comfortable SOFT neoprene designed for toddlers under 30 pounds. Provides heads up flotation for maximum safety. Designed for infants or toddlers under 30lbs, but best weight should be in the 20-30lb range to fit into this toddlers life jacket. It has two buckles, zipper closure system to keep your child from trying to unzip the zipper, head pillow, a grab strap on the head pillow to grab your baby out of the water, and and a crotch strap to help secure the vest and prevent your baby from falling out of the life vest.

Comfy Neoprene Feel
-New, Tru-Fit Technology Cut
-USCG Approved Type II Personal Flotation Device