Bicycle Shop Service Rates



Basic Tune: $80.00/ E-bike $100.00

Wipe down frame of bike
Grease/tighten essential bolts
Shift and brake adjustment
Check tubes/tires
Clean and lubricate chain


Full Tune: $130.00/ E-Bike $150.00

Includes work in Basic tune
Washing of entire bike
True front/rear wheels
Check headset/ wheel bearing adjustments
Crank and bottom bracket inspection


Basic bike labor: $70.00 per hour

 I.E. drivetrain swap, creaks, etc.

Tubed flat replacement: $12.00 per tire

Does not include price of tube


Tubeless flat repair: $20.00 per tire

Does not include sealant, stems, or rim tape if needed


Shift adjust: $40.00

Brake adjust: $40.00

Hydraulic brake bleed: $45.00 per front/rear

Bike build or packaging

Pedal bike:  $85.00
E-bike: $125.00