About Us

Welcome to High Mountain Sports, your premier destination for all things outdoor adventure! We are situated on the shores of Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, Maryland – home of great outdoor spaces, we've been providing top-quality outdoor gear and exceptional service since our establishment in 1987. High Mountain Sports is owned by a ski bum named Steve Green.

In addition to retail sales, High Mountain Sports often offers equipment rentals and repair services, making it a convenient one-stop destination for both seasoned adventurers and beginners alike.

At High Mountain Sports, we understand the call of the wild. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or just starting your outdoor journey, we're here to equip you with the gear and knowledge you need to conquer any terrain, summit any peak, and embrace the great outdoors to its fullest.

Our commitment to quality is unparalleled. We hand-select each product in our inventory, ensuring that only the best brands and equipment make it onto our shelves. From durable hiking boots and high-performance skis, wake surfers, skateboards, paddleboard, and reliable outdoor apparel, we've got everything you need to embark on your next adventure with confidence.

But High Mountain Sports is more than just a store—it's a community. We're passionate about fostering a love for the outdoors and connecting like-minded adventurers. Our knowledgeable staff members are outdoor enthusiasts themselves, ready to share their expertise and help you find the perfect gear for your next excursion.

As Deep Creek Lake evolved into a year-round outdoor playground, so too did High Mountain Sports. We embraced the changing seasons, catering to the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts in every weather condition and terrain. Whether it's skiing down powdery slopes in winter, hiking through lush forests in spring, paddling across pristine waters in summer, or enjoying the vibrant colors of fall foliage, we've been there every step of the way, equipping adventurers for unforgettable experiences in the great outdoors.

Today, High Mountain Sports continues to thrive as a beacon of outdoor expertise and community spirit in Deep Creek Lake. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to our founding principles of quality, service, and stewardship of the environment. We invite you to join us on our journey as we continue to explore, inspire, and embrace the adventure together.