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High Mountain Winter Rentals

Deep Creek Ski & Snowboard Rentals

Conveniently Located

  • High Mountain Sports Rental
    7725 Sang Run Road
    Mchenry, MD 21541
    (Behind Exxon on way to Wisp)
  • 301-387-2113

Rental Store Hours

  • Sunday and Monday
    9am - 5pm
  • Tuesday - Saturday
    9am - 9pm
We will be implementing new procedures this year to minimize the number of people in the rental store. The procedures have not been finalized yet but will be updated as soon as possible. One or two groups/ families will be fitted for rentals at one time. This will be a first come first serve basis. Once the limit has been reached, groups/families will be placed in a queue and receive text message or phone call when it is their turn to enter the store.

2020/2021 Winter Rental Rates

Skis & Snowboards

  • Sunday - Friday Days 9am-5pm
  • Evenings Tuesday - Friday 4:30pm-9pm
  • Saturday and Holidays* 9am-5pm
  • Evenings Saturday and Holidays* 1:30pm-9pm

Demo Skis

  • Sunday - Fridays Days 9am-5pm
  • Evenings Tuesday - Friday 4:30pm-9pm
  • Saturday and Holidays* 9am-5pm
  • Evenings Saturday and Holidays* 1:30pm-9pm

Accessories & Extras

  • Cross Country Skis
    $25 Per Day
  • Snow Shoes
    $25 Per Day
  • Ski Poles
    $12 Per Day
  • Helmet
    $10 Per Day
  • Wristguards
    $5 Per Day
  • Snowboard Boots
    $18 Per Day
  • Insurance
    $2 Per Day
* 2020 / 2021 Holiday Periods: December 26 - January 3, 2021, January 15 - 17, 2021, February 12 - 14, 2021

Important Notice

  • Rates do not include applicable taxes
  • May be picked up after 7:00pm the night before
  • Multi-day rentals may be picked up Friday after 4:00 PM
  • Evening rentals start after 4:30pm and Sunday/Monday afternoon rentals start after 1:00pm
  • We can not rent ski boots without renting skis
  • Rental insurance does not cover the cost of broken poles, lost/stolen equipment, or demo equipment
  • Rates may change at any time for any reason
  • No Refunds for any Reason
  • Rental Rates are the same with or without boots.

Demo Ski List


  • Declivity 82 TI - 174cm

    With pure high-speed frontside performance in mind with unmatched stability for the on-trail skier.

  • Declivity 92 TI - 180cm

    No matter what the mountain throws at you, from turning and burning on hardpack to sliding down silky pow, this one-ski-quiver will conquer anything on the hill.

  • Stranger 100mm - 180cm

    A 15m radius ski that you can take to the groomers on an average day with friends, carve hard, trick around on, laugh and have a good time.

  • Womens Victa 93 - 159cm

    More playful and forgiving than Ti versions, the Armada Victa 93 is built to shred from boundary to boundary, with a slight tip rocker to keep the good turns rolling when conditions get deep.


  • Womens Cloud 9 - 150cm

    Great option for strong intermediate to advanced level ladies looking for a frontside ripper. A Piste Rocker provides a short rise in the tip and camber throughout the rest for natural rebound for smooth carving transitions.

  • Womens Cloud 14 - 160cm

    Works for everyone - from intermediate, on-piste skiers to more advanced women who are looking to tackle any condition the mountain can offer. The combination of a slightly wider ski with a carving sidecut makes this ski unique in its versatility.


  • Womens Black Pearl 88 - 159cm

    If you dream of skiing sunny days, wide-open groomers and snaking bump lines with confident, controlled turns, the Blizzard Black Pearl 88 is a stellar choice.


  • M Pro 90 - 178cm

    Boasting impeccable grip, this accessible and light ski offers an optimum response in all situations. Designed for wide open spaces and all kinds of snow.

  • M Pro 84 - 177cm

    Great choice for intermediate level skiers looking for a frontside ski with all mountain characteristics.

  • Speed Zone 4x4 78 - 171cm

    The ultimate ultra-versatile piste ski, agile, comfortable and high-performance thanks to the new Hybridcore technology and Express system; for pleasure and unadulterated fun.

  • Womens Intense 4x4 82 - 156cm

    Designed for good to very good women skiers whose playground extends beyond groomed slopes and who are eager to explore every corner of the ski area with comfort, performance and control.

  • Womens Intense 4x4 78 -158cm

    All all-terrain version of the Intense opens up a wider spectrum of pleasures by providing access to an extended playground.


  • Supershape e-Titan - 177cm

    The ultimate high-performance all-mountain ski that comes with a wider footprint and longer radius for perfect off-piste skiing fun - no matter how slushy it gets.

  • Supershape e-Magnum - 163cm

    Designed for the classic all-terrain skier who needs a smooth performance ski. Provides top-level performance characteristics and easy handling for the ultimate fun day on (and even off) the piste.

  • Supershape e-Speed - 170cm

    Perfect for the experienced on-piste racer who is looking for agile turns and easy handling no matter how long the day on the mountain might get.

  • V-Shape V6 - 163cm,170cm

    Can handle any terrain thanks to the V-Shape geometry and moderate taper ratio, designed to maximize turn initiation without maxing out on effort. Advanced through expert skiers can rely on the V6 for stability, versatility and fun.

  • Kore 87 - 171cm

    Ideal for all-mountain skiers looking to extend their adventures into ungroomed terrain offering a light, fun, easy-turning gateway to the world of freeride.

  • Womens Absolut Joy - 148cm,153cm

    Versatile, all-mountain companion for intermediate through advanced skiers.

  • Womens Kore 87 - 153cm

    he perfect combination of super light weight and performance, the Kore 87W with Graphene is for women all-mountain skiers.


  • M5 Mantra - 177cm

    Features a powerful and sportive all mountain freeride setup with carbon tips, a titanal frame and full sidewall. The one ski that you can take everywhere.

  • Kendo 88 - 170cm

    The new Kendo with 88 mm middle width shines with an impressive carving-performance due to the three different radiuses in the sidecut.

  • Blaze 94 - 179cm

    New for 2021, lightweight, versatile and agile. Perfect all mountain ski for carving on hardpack or quick turns in the bumps.

  • Womens Kenja 88 - 156cm

    Shines with an impressive carving-performance due to the three different radii in the sidecut, perfectly adjusted to speed-loving women.

  • Womens Blaze 94 - 165cm

    New for 2021, lightweight, versatile and agile. Perfect all mountain ski for carving on hardpack or quick turns in the bumps.

  • Womens Flair 76 - 154cm

    Easy handling, yet sportive ride for skiers looking to improve.