Hyperlite 20' Surf Rope w/Handle

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Hyperlite 20' Surf Rope w/ Handle 

The beauty of wakesurfing is you don't need a line...once the wake is rolling. But until the boat gets up to speed, you'll want the Hyperlite 20' Surf Rope with Handle in your hands. It's a padded design, offering multiple holding options that will help you get going and into position to ride once the wake is ready. Floats along the line also help with getting the rope out of the way when it's time to ride, and the 20' length makes it easy to get exactly where you want to be on the wake.


  • Foam floats spaced every 2’ from the handle offers improved performance and comfort
  • 20’ total length (6m)
  • Padded 10” handle offers stable grip and easier starts
  • Braided mainline offers multiple additional handholds