SAA Dry Cheeks

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Dry Cheeks

Dry Cheeks are waterproof and windproof so when your sitting on the snow or a cold chairlift, your rear end stays comfortable. Dry Cheeks also absorbs heat and reflects cold to keep you warmer. This is great for snowboarders who sit on the snow to rest or put their binding on. Also great for skiers wanting to keep their rear ends warmer from sitting on cold wet chairlifts.

The neoprene stretches to move with you allowing you to forget you even have it on. Being only 1/8" thick, it is designed to be worn over your base layers but under your pants so no one can tell you have them on. You have three adjustable Velcro straps for a one size fits all teens and adults and because of the wide adjustment range, these can also be worn over your pants to keep everything dry. To clean, just put it in the washer and hang dry.